How to attract Singaporean traveler to your country(Case study)

Hello, I am Xiao Tian, the correspondent of Singapore.

Travel fairs that are held frequently in Singapore to target that consumers who are looking for tour packages. It will be good to consider online promotional event to promote on social media or website such as ‘free/sponsored trip” contest during holiday peak season since Singaporeans are actively connect to social media and internet savvy. Selected winner were to do a itinerary or blog sharing of the travel to generate more interest on that region.

What most Singaporeans look for when selecting destination for holiday:

1) Cheap

2)Good Food/beautiful scenery

3)Easy accessibility

For example:

website like targeted at Singaporeans who want a good and cheap deal

Wattention to target at audience who already have interest in Japan


According to Singapore Tourism Board statistic report for 2015 released on 2016.

The peak season when singaporeans travelled out are:

1) School holiday: May-June, Nov- Dec

2) Sakura season: March

Travelling planning are usually done at least 3 months in advance, promotional period online can take these travel peak as a reference.


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