Digital Business in Indonesia with Social Media (part.1/2)

Chapter: Facebook

Indonesia which considered as one of the biggest and promising digital market in the world and South East Asian is growing rapidly. The online penetration are getting into 37% that have 15% growth from last year percentage indicates more people are getting online from 250 million population. And the great insight is 80% are mobile! Also more than 90% of these online population using social media, most preferably Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook already been here in Indonesia since around 2005 – 2006, while at the beginning battling with Friendster, now become one of the most used apps and heavily uses for business and ads. This is because the segment is wide across from low, middle low, middle high, to high class people, also the feature itself able to have custom audience or specific targeting to these segment filtered by age, gender, and interest. So easy to target with business audience and high possibility to expand and find another promising segments.


For business, there are a lot of activities within Facebook. Starting from personal business such as online shop (using Facebook shop), business page like for brand building, video campaign, buzzers and bloggers, also ads such as carousel and video slideshow that able to target to landing pages (websites).

So the most important think to consider is how to get the Facebook online business funnel done clearly. Starting from Reach to Resonance and final to Reaction.

Reach is about awareness, so how the brand or business target to broad audience and find whoever it is the target segment or potentials. Could use page like ads, ads to landing page, and video while telling the story of the brand not specific about product.


Then move to Resonance by deep down whoever is interested and build custom audiences to target with different story crafted by demography and interest. This is more focused on people who already interested with the brand / business story and make them engage with the brand / business page.

Last is Reaction which focusing on conversion or acquisition. These are much doing on custom audience that already engaged and telling more about the product advantages, since they already interested with the brand / business story. And important one, remarket them, to drive more conversion conscious by keep running the ads in front of their eyes.

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