“Hong Kong Japanese Subcultures: Opportunities in the Industry”

Hello, I am Shiori, a correspondent from Hong Kong.

We all know that Hong Kongers like to travel to Japan. Not just travelling but also experiencing different subcultures in Japan like Idols, Comics, Animation, Cosplay, etc. Today I would like to share with all of you the Japanese hobbies of Hong Kongers.

Japanese Events in Hong Kong

There are some big subculture events in Hong Kong and Hong Kongers who have Japanese hobbies will gather for comics, animation and cosplay there.  Many people  go there in order to buy comics and  goods. Many cosplayers dress up like famous Japanese comic characters and participate in cosplay competitions, communicate with other Hong Kongers who have the same hobbies. Being held at City University every October, is called City University Autumn Festival(城大秋祭). It is held by the Manga Society of the student union of City University.  It has different themes each year and it has 16 years of history. Those events are very important for  fans of Japan  in Hong Kong as platforms for fans to express themselves. Other major Japanese subcultures events such as Comic World Hong Kong, C3 Hong Kong, Rainbow Gala, etc.

Comic World Hong Kong

C3 Hong Kong

Rainbow Gala


In Hong Kong, there are different kinds of venues that allow people or companies to hold events/exhibitions. For example, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Centre, Asia World Expo, etc. I believe that this is a big opportunity to hold more Japan-related events or exhibitions in Hong Kong as Hong Kong is well-known for  its financial side as well as the degree of freedom for  businesses. These events are ideal for related companies to promote their products or services, as they get to meet their target customers directly, and receive feedback face to face. These events often offer a booth that is available for reservation at a small cost, but the advantages outweigh the small price tag of  the booth.

Japanese Food in Hong Kong

Beside events, there are some Japanese-themed cafes or restaurants for a limited time, which  have attracted many Hong Kongers. For example a café with Touken Ranbu theme (a popular online web browser game), a restaurant that provides a meal menu with lovely and famous Japanese animated characters like Pikachu. Touken Ranbu is very famous among Hong Kongers who are fans of Japan.

There are also campaigns about Japanese characters,  held at  the convenience stores (7-11 and Circle K) in Hong Kong. For example, when people buy things at the store they  get  a stamp which they  collect  and later exchange for  goods of Japanese characters like Kumamon and Rilakkuma, which have seen a popularity rise in recent years.


Also, there is always a Japan Food Fair being held in some shopping malls or some big supermarkets during  every season of the  year. Food fairs are also being held during the right  season of the food or fruits. For example, a Japanese style supermarket in Hong Kong called Yata and there are always Japan seasonal food fair like Hokkaido, Kumamoto, etc.


Japanese Fashion in Hong Kong

Hong Kongers also like buying  clothes from Japanese brands  and Shibuya 109 has opened its first overseas branch in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, selling Japanese lovely style clothes.


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