No.1 Green Tea in Singapore, the sweet secret of Pokka

While Pokka green tea is almost unheard of in its home country, the Japanese corporation boasts a 70% market share for its green tea products in Singapore. At present, Pokka green tea is a household name to Singaporean and its products can be seen at almost every corner in Singapore. Interested to learn about Pokka’s secret of success? Let’s find out!

1.    Right time, Right taste, Right price
Leveraging on the J-pop boom in Singapore during the late 1990s, Pokka found the perfect time to launch its green tea products. But Pokka did more than simply importing products from its home country. With over 30 years of establishment in Singapore, Pokka understood the local taste and decided to make a sweetened green tea to appeal to the local market, a taste that varies much from the original. In addition, Pokka green tea products were manufactured locally, allowing it to be sold at a competitive cost. With the right time, right taste, right price, it did not take much time for Pokka to capture to hearts and tongues of Singaporean.
2. Everywhere. Anywhere
With green tea being a commercial success in Singapore, competitors such as Coca Cola started to follow suit and launched similar products.
To maintain its position as market leader, Pokka strategically placed vendor machines at every possible locations in Singapore: from shopping centers, offices, factories to schools. Furthermore, it partnered with People`s Association (a Singapore Government Organization) to ensure its green tea to gets distributed in community centers. Pokka’s strategy and effort in making sure its products are accessible to its customers is one of the key factors thst it remains throned as the market leader.
Pokka launched first cashless vendor machine in Singapore
(photo credit:
3.    One Step Further
With products being distributed in every possible channel, one might feel that enough has been done. Well, Pokka certainly does not. Since 2000, Pokka has been actively engaging local celebrities to endorse its products. In addition, Pokka has also sponsored numerous local events, to ensure that it is not only seen but it will be remembered.
(photo credit: Pokka Corporation)
After the success with green tea products, Pokka has continued to expand its product lines and launch top selling products such as carrot juice. With over 40% market share in the Ready To Drink beverage segment in Singapore, Pokka emerged as a market leader, defeating local brands such as Yeo’s and international brand like Coca Cola. Its secret of success, is definitely something worth pondering about.
(photo credit: PT Dima)

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