LinkedIn Trend in Malaysia for B2B Marketing

Hi, today I would like to share some info regarding B2B marketing in Malaysia using LinkedIn.

Social media is getting more convenient and commonly used tool for marketing in Malaysia, as Malaysia is ranked the few highest countries that are devoted to social media. In the recent years, most companies here are reaching out to their customers via Facebook. However, there is an upward trend for B2B marketers in Malaysia and is getting more common in small to medium businesses.

According to research; at this moment, there are less than 50% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn as a platform to get associated with clients, thus making it the best time to use this tool to penetrate fresh markets. Malaysian businessmen has now started to make contacts with potential customers by striking conversations in LinkedIn and this has aid in their sales efforts and expand their business opportunities.

With the Sponsored InMail feature, marketers get to send their sales pitch based on audience-targeting criteria. Meanwhile, with InMail feature, marketers get guaranteed response by paying only for replies received. This brings B2B marketing to a whole new level and marketers get to link with the right people at the right time. Besides that, the ability to share relevant content makes it a great tool to ensure that your message gets across to the group that you intended to engage. Plus, “who’s viewed your updates” feature helps marketer to reach out to potential customers. As viewers share, like or comment on your content, you will be able to see that interactions turn into opportunities.

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