What are the differences between big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, versus rural areas (to a HK-er)?

Hello, I am Shiori, the correspondent of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong people love travelling to Japan during all seasons. Most of them travel to Japan several times once year but they are mainly going to the big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. In this article, I will talk about the differences between big cities and rural areas to Hong Kong people.

First difference between big cities and rural areas is the number of flight from Hong Kong. There are around 19 flights per day from Hong Kong to Tokyo and for Hong Kong to Osaka, there are around 13 flights per day. And the flight to some rural areas in Japan is less than flight to big cities. At this moment, there are flights to Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, etc. The destination of flight to rural area starts increasing as there are some LCC provide new flights continuously.

Second, local transportation. One of the reason that many people prefer to travel to big cities is the convenience of local transportation. The time schedule of transportation in big cities is much more than rural areas. It is convenient to take a train or bus and do not need waiting for a long time. However, the transportation in rural areas is not convenient to them as the time schedule is less, only 1-2 train or bus per hour. So it may difficult to go to the attractions in rural areas.

Third, languages. Hong Kongers always travelling to Japan even not all of them know communicating in Japanese. Nowadays, the language barrier is better than before in big cities. In the past, there was just only Japanese and English description in train station. And now there are traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean description in the train station, it is easier for the tourists to understand which station they have to get off or how they can get to the destination. Not just the station, the souvenir shops, drug stores and other restaurants provide the menu in Chinese and also English so that the tourists could know the food or product easily. And there are some staffs who can speak Chinese or English to provide help to the tourists. However, there is still language barrier in rural areas since the locals only can speak Japanese so it may difficult for some Hong Kongers to communicate with the locals.


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