What Singaporeans Look For in Wedding Packages

Marriage is considered to be one of the most important time in a life for a Singaporean, but it is also one of the most tiring and expensive. Such a landscape has molded the bridal industry to be rather competitive, with customers demanding not only quality from the expensive price tags, but also expecting providers to offer wedding packages with more options and different experiences for to-be-weds.

In a poll conducted by a Singaporean website kiasubride.com, it revealed some interesting facts about what Singaporeans look for in a wedding package.

Q. How early did you start planning your wedding before your actual day?
17.1% – 2 years ahead
40.1% – 1.5 years ahead
19.3% – 1 year ahead
12.3% – 6-12 months ahead
11.2% – 1-6 months ahead

76.5% of the respondents planned their weddings more than a year ahead. This makes sense if the couple wants to book their ideal locations for their weddings. It included saving up for the occasion, and especially for the Chinese Singaporeans, wanting to marry on an auspicious day, which falls on only 40-50 days in a year. Date flexibility is not quite an option!

Which is your 1st choice wedding or solemnisation venue?
26.0% – Garden 
11.0% – Beach / Seaside 
6.3% – Chinese Restaurant 
8.7% – Country Club 
10.2% – Poolside 
3.1% – Courtyard / Classic Colonial building
34.6% – Hotel

What is most important factor when choosing a Wedding Banquet Package?
39.7% – Cost
10.3% – Location
11.5% – Ambience
9.0% – Food
6.4% – Service
11.5% – Reputation (6 or 5 stars)
10.3% – Uniqueness

As expected, cost is the main consideration for Singaporeans, outweighing the next most important factor (Ambience, and Reputation) by more than three times. Prices can range from SGD 500 – 1500, depending on location and its reputation. Weekend and dinner banquets are generally more expensive, though there are lunch options too. Other costs considerations include the photography and video services.

What is most important factor when choosing a Bridal Package?
59.2% – Cost
12.2% – Gown
6.1% – Service
19.4% – Reputation of Bridal Shop
3.1% – Flexibility

Again, we see that Cost and Reputation plays a big role in Singaporeans’ decisions in choosing a bridal package. Another interesting point to note, is that service is among the lowest consideration in choosing wedding or bridal banquets, not because service provided is very good, but a cultural indifference to good or bad service.

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