Where do Hong Kongers Look for Travel Information?

Hello, I am Shiori from Hong Kong.

Hong Kongers always like travelling. For those who are working, they will start their travel plans very early as they need to request for the holidays time off. So before go travelling, where will Hong Kongers to find their information?

There is a famous and popular travel information website in Hong Kong which called “UTRAVEL”. Most of the Hong Kongers follow UTRAVEL’s Facebook page, and they always look for information there. Hong Kongers also search for the information from travel blogs, and the blogs mostly are from Taiwan. The reason why Hong Kongers prefer to search for information from the travel blog is that they reliable, mainly because they contain photos and experience recorded by the bloggers.

Besides the internet, Hong Kongers also read travel magazines and travel guide books. Travel magazines include Umagazine, Weekendhk and Hong Kong Walker, etc.

There are different factors affecting Hong Kongers making decisions on travel. Other than the price, accessibility, currency, safety, weather are also very important for Hong Kongers as they make travelling decisions. Like the price factor, they will look for some cheap and good accommodation like guesthouses, hostels, etc. These sorts of accommodation allow them to meet different people from around the world, and they can also experience the local culture. Also, Hong Kongers will always look for cheap air tickets. For the accessibility, they will concern themselves with the flight and the local transportation.


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