Cycling Hobby Climate in Indonesia

Boys plays with toys. And the toys get better as their the incomes increase.

This is the same in the cycling hobby. Since we were kids, we love to get outdoors with a bicycle, and dash around the housing estate with friends. A fun activity to remember. After becoming adults, some of them still have big interests with cycling, and buy more expensive ones just to satisfy their need for fun.

The hobby of cycling in Indonesia that is HUGE!

Indonesia has great sceneries in the countryside, with mountains, trees, lakes, and many places of interest to be visited such as restaurants, cultural icons, and small cafes. These were set up by people who likely cyclists themselves, further triggering the love of cycling in Indonesia.


Heavy-duty cyclists usually live in urban areas since they having the buying power to purchase high-end bicycles, which could be road bikes, mountain bikes, or folding bikes. The monthly spending to upkeep the hobby could be betwen IDR 200.000 and IDR 10.000.000 per person. That is why it is also considered good business to sell cycling related products here in Indonesia.

These cyclists commonly cycle in the early mornings to avoid traffic jams and hot weather. They could start at 5 am and finish at 10 am, or finish between 11 am – 12 am in the weekends.

Online platforms are also important for them, since they use a mobile application to track their activities, store the data online, communicate between group members using chatting, and sharing their cycling stories and pictures pthrough social media. That’s why most sports brands also advertise more, targeting segmented markets using online approaches.


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