Public Holidays in Phnom Penh

Unlike the other countries in Asia, Cambodia has a lot of public holidays are different from the rest. The following is a schedule of public holidays in Cambodia in October & November:

11-13 Oct 2015  : Pchum Ben Day
15 Oct 2015 : Commemoration Day of Former King (Norodom Sihanouk)
23 Oct 2015 : Anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement
29 Oct 2015 : Coronation Day
11 Nov 2015 : Independence Day
24-26 Nov 2015 : Water Festival

Pchum Ben Day & Water Festival are big public holidays that allow a week of long holiday. Almost of Cambodian’s workers go to visit their hometown or other sightseeing areas.  It has becomed one of Cambodia’s business risks because of the large migration of people.

Water festivals have three days before and after the day the full moon changes over from rainy season to the dry season.  It is a festival to thank the grace of god.

Traditionally in Cambodia, water festivals always had boat races every year in the river Tonle Sap. So in Phnom Penh, there are annual boat races, and participants coming from all over Cambodia join in cheer of this festival who, making Phnom Penh one of the most crowded timings of the year.

The Cambodian government has been canceled this year’s the water festival because of a drought in the dry season, causing a lack in water level in the river, preventing boat races.

In Phnom Penh, the city seems silent on the streets, not even having traffic jams. However, if we look at the AEON Mall Phnom Penh, many peoples go there for a walk, play games, bowling, watch movies, sing karaoke, or have a meal at the many restaurants.

*Game center


*Bowling alley


*Major Cineplex Cinema


*Family Karaoke Dream Music











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