The Power of Online Videos in Indonesia

The power of the Internet in South East Asia is slowly becoming “invisible”. In the past, it was paraded around for show, just like when people first discovered electricity, and it became popular talk among the people. Now, the Internet is becoming like electricity, it is so embedded in our lives that we are taking it for granted.

And just like electricity, the power of Internet is spread into numerous platforms, touching different markets in Indonesia daily, namely, websites, search engines, social media, and videos.

For video, YouTube is a huge force in South East Asia, and especially in Indonesia. Indonesians are likely to search any interest or topic using YouTube, and the search process is just like how they would search on search engines. This is due to people’s interest for moving visuals. It also helps that Indonesia’s infrastructure allows fast streaming throughout the country.

Google, who owns YouTube, sees this as an opportunity, and has been focusing on ads and algorithm, while gathering support for YouTube from agencies. This results in more reach for YouTube in Indonesia, and higher conversion rates for brands involved in online video marketing.

As such, there are more and more online video users in Indonesia, and brands are now shifting from TV ads to YouTube ads, that is both much cheaper, and traceable.

As an example, a toy brand in has been using video ads in YouTube to create more engagement and reach to the audience, while learning that most of their target market is likely to watch videos on the desktop PC than mobile devices.

Online video is reliable and low in cost, and is the best approach to advertisement in Indonesia. Of course, it’s also useful for prospective customers as a research tool before buying a product.

In the future, 360 videos, 3D videos, and call-to-action videos will be a boom among internet users in Indonesia. There will also be a high demand for interactive technology involving online videos.


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