Indonesia’s Indomaret Sobat Online Campaign

As one of the biggest mini-market chain store brand in Indonesia, Indomaret is well-known among the Indonesian market. The Indomaret brand can be seen quite often in marketing activities created by agencies, and they have already worked with many good agencies here in Jakarta.

As with any big brands, they face strong arising competitors. Indomaret is having a tight competition with Alfamart. In the past, Indomaret concentrated heavily on traditional marketing, since their target markets consisted of the middle class and lower class demographics. However, these market are going online, as is the competition to vie for their target market’s attention.

This year, Indomaret create an online campaign called Sobat Indomaret. The campaign ran in an online advertised microsite, and on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. The channels were chosen based on previous research that revealed the market’s heavy usage in Facebook and Google search. The objective was to gain more loyal users for the brand.

First their first move, they created an ad-hoc campaign-purposed microsite that advertised using Google ads and Facebook ads. The microsite explained the campaign mechanisms, and of course the emotional branding of Indomaret was used to grab the attention of the users.

The campaign then let users to do selfies and games in their stores all across the country, and these photos were posted to the social media, which was connected to the microsite. The coolest photos were awarded with cool prizes.


Since Indonesians are likely to share photos in social media, and very likely come to Indomaret on a daily basis to buy make purchases big or small, the campaign was able to run successfully in the first 3 months.

The lesson learned here is that the Indonesian market is favourable towards digital activities involving people and photos, reflecting their culture of togetherness. Another lesson would be that emotional branding creates loyal users.


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