Breakfast in Cambodia

Good morning from Cambodia (Ak ron sor sdey in Cambodia language).

Cambodia is the country that is rich in culture. Food is proudly part of that culture.

Let’s talk about Cambodian breakfast: pork and rice, noodles fried noodle soup, rice soup, and the improvised foods of those who are starving and are free to eat whatever they want.  All of these breakfasts are very famous and have been part of Cambodia’s meal for a very long time.

I would like to introduce to you two dishes: pork and rice and noodle soup.

  • Pork and rice

The standard Cambodian pork and rice set is as follows: any boneless cut of pork, thinly sliced and barbecued on a wire grill over warm coals, finally served with a hefty plate of broken (or just plain) rice.  The pork is sometimes marinated in garlic and oil, but more often than not, it is just cooked slowly over the fire to soak up the fat-induced smoke.  The side is invariably pickles, most commonly cucumber.  The pickles below are a piquant mix of fresh ginger, cucumber with still a hint of crispness and paper-thin slices of daikon radish.


2)   Noodle soup

Noodle soup is a very popular breakfast, even more than Rice and pork. The main actor in this dish is the soup.  Cambodia has many kind of noodle soups, and I will introduce the pork soup.  To make the soup, we need good ingredients, such as pork leg bone or another park bone, onions, carrots, sugar , salt , seasoning, pork, seafood, and another meat of the cook’s liking.  Mix them all together and cook them for an hour, but meat and seafood need to be taken out to ensure they are well cooked. Prepare the noodles, meat, Mungbean sprouts, and some toppings.  First put the Mungbean sprout under the noodle, meat, and soup.  You can add some topping like pepper or sugar to one’s liking. It is a a real rarity for any chili to be hot, as the sweetness tends to outweigh the capsaicin.

Usually breakfast goers will eat from 6:00am until 8:00am, as most locals will be up since sunrise.  Breakfast in Cambodia is not expensive, with the average price being around 2 US dollar per dish.

Cambodian has a lot of different kinds of breakfast, and I would like to recommend the pork with rice and noodle soup.

Reported by Bee

Cambodia Correspondent


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