“AMOK“, the Traditional Cambodian Breakfast

In South-East Asian cuisine, “Amok” or “Ho mok” refers to the process of steaming curry in banana leaves, or to the final dish. Think coconut cream and galangal are classic ingredients, added to a wide range of leaves and staple ingredients.


Amok is a major national culinary tradition in Cambodia , and is also popular in Laos and Thailand. The Thai version uses the same Thai curry paste as Red curry. Amok is a thick soup cooked with fish, meat, vegetables, eggs and coconut milk.

It is a common dish in the restaurants. There are many places that offer a taste of amok for foreigners. When ordering amok, you will need to choose a meat base. The most popular are amok fish, amok beef and amok chicken. Amok can also be eaten with rice. One recommendation is Khmer curry with coconut milk.


In Cambodia, Amok is very popular. It is an important dish eaten during family dinners. Events usually have amok too. As Cambodia has access to many different types of river fishes, we make amok from fish.

Amok can be seen served in big ceremonies such as weddings. It is also used as a tribute to the monks at the pagoda. As a traditional food that has been in Cambodia for a long time, it will continue to play an important part in Cambodia’s food culture.

Amok can be eaten with rice, or eaten by itself (usually the former). Only in ceremonies do they offer small cups of amok that is weaker in taste, making more palatable to be eaten without rice.


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