Lahp, the most popular food in Laos

I am Chin from Laos, and will talk about Laotian cuisine.

Most Laotians like spicy food, so cooking can be disappointing without bird eye chilies or dry chilies. We have many kinds of national dishes such as Lahp, kaeng Nor Mai, Orh Larm and etc…

I would like to introduce you to the most popular national dish – Lahp. It is essentially a salad with a meat base, flavored with lime, garlic, sauce, mint leaves, spring onions and chilies… The meat can be chicken, pork, beef, buffalo, duck or fish, and some restaurants have a vegetarian version made with mushroom. If you ever visit Laos, you should try it once – it’s tasty!

The popular Lahp has historical influence from other countries . Many of the standard dishes served around Laos are adaptations from Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese food such as Tom yam kung, Nam Nuong, sesuan etc.. And nowadays sushi from Japan is becoming famous in Laos, mostly served in the big hotel or Japanese restaurants.


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