Do You Know The Top 3 Apps in Laos?

Hello. I am Chin, and charged as a Lao correspondent.

Nowadays, social media has already becomed an important part of modern life, and has enabled us to access the internet to communicate with anyone around the world. Even though other poeple may live far from us, we can contact them through social media apps or the internet. As we know well, there are many kinds of social networking apps and websites such as Facebook , Wechat, Whatsapp, LINE, and Skype. A variety of SNSes (Social Network Services) are available for us to choose from.

I am a person who like chatting with friends through the apps. However, I will only choose the app that easy to use and convenient. In Laos, the three most popular apps are Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat. We often communicate through these apps because they are used on a daily basis, and has users worldwide.

Facebook is the most popular app, we use it every single day to read information about friends, and share pictures with each other. We use WhatsApp for sending SMSes. For example, in my class there are 35 students, and we set up a Group to easily share topics for presentations when the teacher releases them, or share ideas with friends. In addition, we can also make voice calls using this app.

For Wechat, I believe that it is used more in China. I use it sometimes and I have this app because my Chinese teacher recommended it me, to be able to contact him easily whenever I have some problems with Chinese. In contrast, I am more likely use Whatsapp because all my friends have it on their phones. Whatsapp is very easy to set up on the phone, or the mobile phones already had this app installed. Furthermore, when you save friend’s phone number in your phone, it will show his/her name or phone number on Whatspp too. When you want to send friends SMSes, you can just use it. That why I like this app, and why there are so many Laotians using it too.


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