Taxis, TV, and Childhood: Top 3 trends in Hong Kong 2015

Hello, I am Ben Wong, the correspondent of Hong Kong.

What has been popular in Hong Kong so far in 2015? Tasty food? Delicious snack? New app? Trendy phrase? Popular show? These are what have been picking up a following in Hong Kong.

New Apps: Uber launched in Hong Kong in 2015, it “drives” the public transportation market crazy, pun intended. The carpooling app has put on a great challenge against the “unfriendly, dodgy and overcharging” taxi industry, before everything in Uber’s office was confiscated by the police. This created much controversy as it was the government who invited Uber to start in Hong Kong, but suspected to force an end on it afterwards after to its profit from the taxi industry was compromised.


New Media: TVMost, from the same team that created 100most, is the video compound of the mix. Their daily sarcastic take on the news prove to be very popular and attracts much viewership. Various comedy segments and spoof characters also gained recognition as a result. Some of the characters are now used to promote various products, signifying their successes.


New Hobbies: Color-filling books.

This started when the Secret Garden took off. It became a surprising new trend for adults to pick up some color pencils and their childhood, and fill in pages of colour-filling book. Psychologists claim that such an activity is a great way to relax and wind down, gaining lots of hobbyists from both office ladies and artsy types alike.


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