3 Reasons Why Malaysians Like to Travel to Japan

Why do Malaysians like to travel to Japan? I personally went to Japan once and didn’t want to come back. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my country; but I really love Japan too! Let’s see how Japan stole our hearts. Firstly, the 4 seasons in Japan attracts us a lot; since Malaysia is hot and humid all year long (just imagine summer for 365 days)! Every year, many Malaysians fly to Japan to witness the fascinating cherry blossom blooms or experience winter. And the breath-taking sceneries in Japan are big attraction to us as we do not have similar sceneries here in Malaysia.


Secondly, we love the unique Japanese culture and traditions. The kimono, yukata, tea ceremony, Japanese greetings, sumo, onsens (hot springs), festivals and food; we love them all! Certain Japanese dishes like the fugu fish (pufferfish) can only be experienced in real Japan! Not to mention Japan is heaven to diehard fans of cartoons, anime, manga and cosplay.


Finally, there are many unique and interesting things in Japan that attracts us; such as the vending machines and washrooms! Yes, you hear me correctly. The washrooms! We are amused by the automatic toilets with many functions and vending machines that dispense other items than the regular drinks that we have in our country. All in all, I would say that everything in Japan are either beautiful or if not beautiful; they have got to be kawaii! There are many more reasons why we love to travel to Japan but I am not telling you everything. You’ve got to visit Japan to find out and experience it yourself! I promise it will be a great visit!


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