Popular Smartphones in Philippines

In the Philippines, Apple and Samsung are big competitors when it comes to mobile devices. They have a rather big market share. However, when you look at the competition closely, it’s not just these two big brands vying for market share. There are small brands that collectively sum up as a big competitor in the mobile phone industry. These brands include Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, Torque and Starmobile. Their entry to the market is convenient. This is because they made smartphones at the time when everyone was shifting to using smartphones. However, not everyone can afford an Apple or a Samsung. These local brands then introduced their very own smartphones, which also run using the Android system, at very affordable prices. They also made sure that their phones are up to par with the big brands’ phones by using touch-screen features with big screens. Everyone on a tight budget who wanted to switch to a smartphone became part of their market. And since the switch to smartphones is caused by modern day citizens’ need to always be on-line, Facebook Lite has been a hit as well, especially in the Philippines where not all locations are supported by 3G or LTE. Facebook Lite is for 2G networks and areas that have slow or unstable connections. In times like this where everyone just wants to be updated on almost anything and everything, it would be great if there are businesses like these who can also cater to tho


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