Cosplaying event in Indonesia

The Opportunities in Indonesia’s Otaku Culture

Anime has international fame, and it is no different in Indonesia, where its popularity has been growing every year. What opportunities can there be for interested businesses?

In cities with big malls such as Jakarta Bandung, Makassar, Medan, the anime chain store “Anime Machi” has been expanding its business of selling anime goods. These shops sell official anime goods, including DVDs (a slightly dear prices), figurines, soundtracks, and cosplay gear.

Anime Machi, an expending business in Indonesia

In fact, anime-related communities have been growing on the internet around social networking services, specific message boards, and mailing lists. These fans gather offline weekly or monthly for a casual meetup, and talk about their favourite anime series, playing video games with one another, or enjoying cosplaying together.

In particular Kelapa Gading Mall in northern area of Jakarta, anime related events will be held every weekend without fail. (The Hatsume Miku event was also held here!) These events are organised between anime fans, Japanese publishers and Indonesia publishers related to the popular anime series.Gathering around to enjoy the otaku culture

With anime having such popularity in Indonesia, there is a business chance to leverage on the anime boom.

Through anime, it has produced a market segment of people showing an interest in Japan, and marketing allows more precise targeting. And to approach these Indonesian “otakus”, social network marketing is an essential.

Indonesians particularly love social networks, and Indonesian otaku particular love the internet. When they gather information, they gather not only from the frequently used Facebook and Twitter, they also collect information from various message boards. These platforms should be considered for marketing purposes.


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