Newest Phones

Filipinos’ love for the Newest and Hottest

Talking about foreign brands in Manila, digital devices receive the most attention, and Filipinos have held Apple and Samsung as their pride ever since they entered the Filipino market.

The reason is simple: Filipinos are sensitive to trends, seeing importance especially in devices that are in the fore-front of technology. With the release of new models of their favourite devices, they would immediately begin to gather information about these new releases, and proceed to make reservations to secure these devices.

Compared to other countries, Filipinos are most likely to rush to get their hands on the newest gadgets and use them, revealing their desire to be the “first in line”. Being “first in line” is a sign of status in Philippines, be it among friends or colleagues, attention-seeking has becomed a basis in which Filipinos see as a value in their lives. As such, the latest devices will sell like hotcakes in Philippines.

And yet, the latest devices are sold at a premium, and a lot of Filipinos are actually unable to purchase them. Since Apple and Samsung are the fore-running brands, second-handed devices are also popular among Filipinos. Smartphones are considered a necessity in their lives, so no Filipino is without a smartphone. The latest devices should consider factors such as brand image and demographics, and companies interested in marketing their products in Philippines should deliberate on design and how fashionable their products are.

Philippines Correspondent


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