Coca-Cola’s SG50 Campaign: A Successful Social Media Campaign in Singapore

SG50 was a wonderful time for marketers and brands. Celebrating Singapore’s birthday 50th anniversary since independence (and thus “SG50”) on 9 August, brands were offered the opportunity to use the SG50 logo on their products, to partner up and leverage on each other’s networks and distribution. This was an effort to publicise the SG50 event.

Without a doubt, many brands jumped at the chance to include SG50, offering limited time offers and products to their respective customers. These brands included Singapore Airlines, Google, Lego and Great Eastern. While there are some doubts to the celebratory nature of these campaigns with possible over-leverage, there are many wonderful SG50 campaigns that have brought interest to consumers.

SG50, National Day

SG50 became the most recognisable logo in Singapore with its bright red, circular shape (© Alexander Dennis)

One of the most prominent campaigns is by the Coca-Cola Company, with their “Share a Coke” campaigns. The company started to feature various word or phrase prints on the Coke cans and bottles. These prints include words like, “Dad”, “Wifey”, “Foodie”, and of course, “Singapore”. There was an option to print personalised prints too. This campaign is also different for Singapore, as it was a campaign personalised for Singapore (its campaigns were international versions up till now).

The “Share a Coke” campaign was also an example of a successful online campaign. What made it successful online was a combination of factors that had synergy between them, and were executed well.


Coke cans with prints is not a new idea, neverheless it has a “newness” for many Singaporeans. However, “newness” does not gaurantee success. The Coca-Cola Company took to localising the prints with local lingo, especially with Singlish, a unqiue mix of languages that evolved from the different races living in Singapore. Some of these lingo include:

Majulah Singapura – “Onward Singapore”, national anthem of Singapore
Rockster – Said among Singaporeans who love rock music
Makan – “To eat”, a national pastime of Singaporeans
Relak Lah – “Relax!”, a Singlish version that indicates a friendliness in the expression

Every foreign brand has had to worry about closing the gap between itself and the consumers, and Coca-Cola has found that magical bridge to Singapore: by speaking the local lingo.

Emotional Appeal

As with any successful marketing efforts, organisations reach out to their customers emotionally. The Coca-Cola Company taps on that too, specifically the relationship between one Singaporean to another. Be it buying for a family member, a friend or a partner, Coca-cola has a can or bottle for anyone to reaffirm that relationship they have with the important ones in their lives, for example:

Ah Ma – “Grandmother”
Ah Girl – “Young girl”, referring to daughter or grand-daughter
Bestie – “Best Friend”
You’re the One – Not only for lovers, but also shared among friends

Leverage on Social Media

Own a hashtag: #ShareaCokeSG
Now, to the focus of our article, how did the Coca-Cola Company launch a successful promotion online? First by owning their very own hashtag. The hashtag was #ShareaCoke is already used in different parts of the world, so it was easy to reuse it in Singapore with the SG tag at the end. This is actually a well chosen hashtag because it represents both the brand and campaign well, and it is immediately usable for customers who would like to share Coke-related posts on their chosen social networks. Especially with the emotional factor, the share value and motivation for consumers are very high.

A search on main medias such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram shows a large number of engagement from the customers, sharing videos and photos about the Coke cans and bottles.


A screenshot of a #ShareaCokeSG search on Instagram

Storytelling through Facebook
The Singapore Coca-Cola Facebook Page has been consistent in keeping their Page uploaded with good content, especially during the SG50 period. It paid tribute to different aspects of the Singaporean life, telling the different stories of Singaporeans from different walks of life, and created content that are relevant to such followers. This attracts engagement from their fans, including sharings on the users’ own wall of posts.


By the way, Coca-Cola has also created a Facebook App to allow their followers to create virtual personalised cans, allowing them to “Share A Coke” with others.

Using Video for Good Content


The Coca-Cola Company created a video to thank the foreign labour in Singapore, recognising this demographic with is a significant portion of Singapore’s population. Even though the video did not go viral, it is good that Coca-Cola was not aiming for that. They instead worked with the local Singapore Kindness Movement, focused on a good story, and that reflects Coke’s brand of bringing happiness to others.

This wraps up our look at the Coca-Cola Company’s SG50 campaign. As an international player in the world with numerous successful campaigns, fans would looking forward to what the company’s next leg of campaign would be. Indeed, businesses can take an example from Coca-Cola’s simple formula for social media success in Singapore.

AsiaClick Globe Editor


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