Every Thai will Have a Smartphone by 2019! The Reasons Examined

It is already well known that Singapore and Hong Kong have an over 85% mobile penetration rate. But did you know that there is another country that is expected to achieve 100% penetration rate in the next four years?

That, is Thailand.

Global information company Nielsen N.V. predicts that Thailand will achieve 100% withing the following four years, because of the following reasons:

1. Prices are promulgating towards the cheap end;
2. There are numerous attractive data plans; and
3. Rising trends of free calls through the internet.

Smartphone penetration was 58% in 2015, a 9% increase from 49% in 2014.

Delving into the categories of mobile users:

* 16 – 34 years old: Most of them own a mobile phone.
* 35 years old: Penetration rate above 42%
* Wealthy users: Owners various mobile devices, and desiring available new models.

What do Thais use their mobile phones for? And for how long in a day?

* Mobile calls – 94 min
* Apps – 62 min
* Entertainment – 54 min
* Website viewing – 14 min
* Mobile maintenance – 8 min

This means the average Thai use his or her mobile phone for about 4 hours daily!

Now then, a look at the most popular apps being used:

1. LINE – free calls, chat
2. Facebook
3. BeeTalk – chat
4. YouTube – video viewing

The smartphone is an integral part of the Thai people’s lives, and the smartphone market is changing accordingly to the consumers’ behaviors.

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