Strong and Gentle: Business in the Philippines

Filipinos believe that anyone can be a businessman if one really wants to. A person does not have to finish a degree in business to set up his own enterprise. Filipinos believe that a person just has to possess certain qualities to be able to successfully set up a business.

First, one has to be resilient. Filipinos always see the rainbow on the other side, no matter how difficult or devastating a situation may be. This, I believe, greatly contributes to the successes of many Filipino businessmen. They don’t give up easily. Losses in profit are not seen as the end of months of hard work, but seen as only a slight bump along the road. Trials make the businessman strive harder, and bumps wouldn’t be any reason for him to give up altogether.

Filipinos also know how to handle people from all walks of life, may they be rich or poor, local or foreign. For Filipinos, it is important to a “people person”. One must know how to connect with his client, so that he could better understand the needs of his potential business partner.

Filipinos are very hands-on with their businesses. I think this can be rooted to how much Filipinos value one of the strongest institutions in society: the family. Most businessmen treat their employees like family members. They care for their employees, and in return, they receive unwavering loyalty and impeccable service from their employees as well.

When one wants to get into business with a Filipino, he should expect to meet a person who’s very strong-willed, but has a gentle heart.

Philippines Correspondent


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