Top Apps in Hong Kong, for Connection with Others

Smartphones has becomed one of the most important belongings of almost everyone. The only reason smartphones has becomed so popular is because the mobile applications are really convenient. So this time, let me talk about which applications are more used by the Hong Kong people.



Communication plays an important role between the Hong Kongers, and one of the most famous communication application is Whatsapp. Anyone with a smartphone must have installed Whatsapp also.

Whatsapp  allows us to send free messages to anyone, even from the other part of the world. The functions of Whatsapps have been increasing to include sending photos and videos. In fact, not only can people text, they can now send voice messages immediately, using their voices to send messages to the others.


Besides Whatsapp, another application used frequently is Facebook. Almost all the Hong Kong people own a Facebook account, and they use it to share their daily life with their friends or family. Hong Kong people especially like to take photos of their meals before digging in, and quickly upload to Facebook.

Another reason why the Hong Kong people like using Facebook is that Facebook can increase or improve their contact with other people, including those who did not have contact with their long-lost classmates. Through Facebook people can find their old friends more easily and connect them once again.


Apart from Whatsapp and Facebook, Hong Kong people has started using Line more recently as there are many interesting “stickers” that can be used (an outstanding feature of Line). The mascots of Line are also famous in Hong Kong. Sometimes there are exhibitions of those characters at some shopping malls in Hong Kong. A convenient point of using Line is that people can make Line calls or Line video chats, allowing them to close the distance between one another, especially if they have friends living overseas.


Last but not least, another popular application that the Hong Kong people use is Wechat, an application from China that is quite similar to Line and Whatsapp.

Hong Kong Correspondent

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