Top 5 Dreamy Sightseeing Destinations among Thais

Here are the top 5 dreamy sightseeing destinations among Thais, as presented by Skyscanner!

  1. Japan
  2. HK
  3. Singapore
  4. France
  5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Japan being number one, we can see many photos of Japan posted on Facebook and Instagram. Why is Japan so popular among Thais? There are five main reasons:

  1. Thais can travel to Japan without a Visa

After the relaxation on visa requirements on June 2013, the number of Thai tourists has increased dramatically, since they have dreamt of visiting Japan but was quite a challenge to obtain a visa. Furthermore, written Thai language has soared in Japan, especially at hotels, tourist attractions, and on signs, making it another incentive for us to visit. 

  1. Convenience of public transportation, especially the trains

Thai fancies riding trains in general, and get excited about new train experiences in Japan such as the shinkansen, trains trips to onsen, train rides with seaside views, and trains rides offering Japanese cultural shows. In addition, there are several discounted tickets like the JR Pass, enabling us to experience more train rides. Furthermore, it is pretty safe for a lady to travel solo, which totally differs from any other Asian countries.

  1. A variety of events take place every month

Japan is the country where many kind of events and festivals throughout the year, such as Ohanami (sakura viewing) during spring, Tanabata (star festival) during summer, Tokyo Game Show during autumn, snow festival during winter. Japan is never boring for foreigners.

  1. In terms of hygiene, Japan is completely safe

Unlike Thai Cuisines, Japanese cuisine can be enjoyed with raw ingredients, offering a completely new experience for Thais. The environment, the rest rooms… everything is so clean that we can enjoy without any anxiety for our physical conditions.

  1. There is joy in Japan

Beautiful nature changing with the four seasons, amusements parks such as Disney Sea, Disney Land, Universal Studios, historical heritage sites etc… you can enjoy whatever you are interested in Japan. In fact, specific tour packages towards Japan such as cycling tours, agricultural and rural experience tours, and animation tours have gotten more popular among Thais

Hence, Japan is a place that provide us with several new experiences, and will continue to be popular among Thai.

Peerawat Saowakhon
Thailand Correspondent

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