Local Resources Are Your Golden Resources

As we have seen recently, many Japanese companies are investing in Indonesia. They do it either by making shares, branching networks, or start a new company in Indonesia. Many marketing agencies in Indonesia have also gotten many project requests from Japanese companies, which becomes a very good opportunity in the future. However, they are still looking for non-local resources to cater to their marketing efforts targeted at the local level.

Signing An Agreement

Since there are different cultures and business approaches nationwide, they could penetrate the market erroneously.

A case study showed that most foreign owned companies in Indonesia that still trusted non-local efforts in marketing would generate less sales than the ones that used local ones. As soon as when they started to do marketing research that is conducted through non-local perspectives, it would already mislead business strategies. The execution of the marketing or sales would take time in building relationships or understand the needs and demands.

However foreign companies that are backed by local efforts have prowess in getting closer with the market efficiently and quickly, since local-to-local relationships would create high conversions through symbiosis toward business studies, knowledge, and even deals.

Successful Partnership

Therefore, for a shorter time-conversion and higher sales rate, it is better to use local efforts managed by trustworthy people (either local or non-local).

These days, there many third party agencies that companies can partner with to achieve their business objectives in Indonesia or South East Asia. The best agency to choose is the one who have knowledge and case studies within the South East Asia market. This is especially important for Japanese companies in Indonesia, where it’s better to have third party partners in marketing, with Japanese owned agencies with local influence.

The South East Asia region is changing vastly in business, and these changes always happen in a short period. Only the local that can adapt quickly in these changes.

Indonesia Correspondent


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