Manila’a Top 3 Restaurants You’d Want to Check Out

Restaurant hunting, or food tripping? Manila is definitely the place.

Having once been colonies of the Spanish, Americans and Japanese, Phiilippines will surely give you a variety of cuisines to choose from.

Blooming in Quezon City, there is an avenue known to be for food lovers and food adventurers: Maginhawa Street. Here you will find an overwhelming choices of cuisines, be it from Korea, Japan, Philippines, USA, UK, Vietnam, or China, I’m pretty sure it will be there. In this post, I will also share with you what I have tried, and will recommend to everyone.

Gerry’s Jeepney in Philippines

Gerry’s Jeepney
Gerry’s Jeepney has been a popular restaurant in Maginhawa, besides the Filipino food, its interior has jeepneys that keeps the vibe. Their grilled pork chop is a must try!

Artsy Café in Philippines

Artsy Café
Just by its name, one would be able to guess what kind of ambience it offers. Yes, it is the type of restaurant that artsy and hipster vibe. It serves European food at a low price!

StrEat Maginhawa Food Park in Philippines

StrEat Maginhawa Food Park
StrEat is definitely the place to chill with your group of friends. It is a compound of food concessionaires. You can choose from several food booths. Mostly American, Indian and Filipino food are served here.

So if you are planning to visit the Philippines, make sure to visit Maginhawa because it is a one of a kind experience, and your Manila trip would not be complete without it.

Philippines Correspondent
Manila, Philippines


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