Duke Kahanamoku is hero, and Singapore loves heroes

Top Three Keyword Searches for Singapore August 2015

August is a big month for Singaporeans, as it is Singapore’s National Day, celebrating its 50 years of independence, which is lovingly named SG50. Singapore has gathered worldwide interest in the the most competitive country in Asia, which includes receiving a birthday song from the soccer legend Pele! But what if “SG50” is not one of the top three searches for Singapore?

That’s right! While the topic “SG50” is among the top ten searches in Singapore, there were other topics and keywords that performed better. Let’s jump in and have a look at them.

Bangkok Bombing

Unfortunate Bangkok Bombing
The tragic scene after explosion at Erawan Shrine

On 17 August, a bomb exploded in the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, which killed 20 people and injured over a hundred more. This is not the first bombing to take place in Thailand, as there were two other in February and April 2015. There were Singaporean victims too, including one dead and several injured. Investigations are continuing, with a suspect arrested, and more developments to come as the Thai authorities work hard at unraveling the facts.

La Tomatina

La Tomatina is of interest to Singaporeans, maybe travelers!

The tomato truck slugging through the festive crowd (© Carlesboveserral)

La Tomatina is an annual event that held in a Valencian town in Spain, and the participants get to throw tomatoes around at each other! This being its 70th anniversary, it has been declared an official tourism festival, which now limits the number of participants, and also introducing an entry fee. The interesting thing about this is that there is no legend or myth behind this festival, other than for the entertainment of throwing fruits at one another! La Tomatina is held on the last Wednesday of every August.

Duke Kahanamoku

Duke Kahanamoku is hero, and Singapore loves heroes
The Duke Kahanamoku Memorial in Waikiki (© Cristo Vlahos)

“Duke Kahanamoku” search trended when Google released their Google Doodle on 24th August, which achieved over 100,000 searches from Singapore on the day. While the Duke’s life story was interesting in itself, he was often seen as “the hero who saved lives with his surfboard”. This was most likely the hook that achieved the viral tipping point, making Duke Kahanamoku one of the top three most searched topic in August by Singapore.

Roger Ong
Asia Click Globe Editor

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