Wouldn’t you Travel to Japan if there were such PR efforts?

Japan! One of the countries which always appears in the travel log checklist of the Traveler magazine. However, the reasons leading to this is not due to the promotion made on the web or publicity efforts, but due to the country’s reputation itself. Japan is a country that holds the record of the safest country, with rarely any crimes. so any traveller would think about going to Japan before going to the other Asia countries. However, perhaps many more people would go to Japan if there are these kinds of PR (Public Relations) efforts:

Embrace Global English
The reality is that Global English is the language of business, diplomacy, travel, internet, and scholarship. It is officially used in 65 countries and is readily used in many others. Signboards in English are being used more in Korea rather than we can see in Japan. This might seems like a trivial matter, but it can influence the decision of a person who has a phobia in getting lost.

Japanese are very proud with their language and they don’t even feel the need to learn English. Not only the Japanese, as a foreigner from a foreign country, I can empathize with how the Japanese are proud about their country, culture and intensive usage of their own language. Understanding that their emotions in embracing their identity, to save it from being eaten up by westernization took not only bravery, but also to have brilliantly implemented the effort and the maintenance to retain what is Japanese. That could not have been easy.

Let us look at one example that is quite popular among the business people nowadays, and that is the scrum method and Kaizen. Both of these methods are used widely to run a project and they are almost similar. However, Japanese is not a language that many know, thus people are more familiar with the scrum method. They may know nothing at all when Kaizen is mentioned. Yet, both methods offers the same idea and guide to make continuous improvement.

Therefore. the need is obvious: to LEARN ENGLISH here is to SPREAD OUT MORE ABOUT JAPAN’s goodness, achievements and successes! The brilliant Japanese have to learn English to contributions to their motherland. The development of Spokespeople and Speakers Bureaus is one step towards this goal.

Time to Learn English? Please press 'Enter' for Yes!

Make Japanese Universities more globally relevant and promote studies abroad
Japan is a developed country and is advanced in technology. Education is not left behind in advancement, however, Japan does not lead in the global higher education standings. Japan needs to have more foreign faculties with international reputation. It needs more scholarships and more research collaborations with the world’s best universities. It not only helps promote the tourism industry (including educational tourism), but also upgrades the universities’ values and reputation.

A foreign student who has the chance to experience the charms of Japan, may also share the culture when they return to their home countries. As a matter of fact, I am one of these students. After getting an opportunity to study to Japan, a group of friends and I started the Japanese culture club in university, and we even organized the school festival “bunkasai” (Cultural Festival) all by ourselves.

As for Japanese students, they will not only open up, and change their minds for the better, but also become more globally competitive.

Even foreign students enjoy the Japanese culture

In a nutshell, the things mention above is based on my personal experience and opinions. The participation of Japan Travel Agencies in the MATTA Travel Fair and many others publicity mediums such as TV advertisement, website public relation, non-government media relations, have contributed in the increase of the Malaysians’ interest to go to Japan. Many have set in their mind to make those visits during the Olympics events. Also as more and more Halal food options are available, Malaysians don’t have anymore reasons to say “no” to travel to Japan. With the support of private travel agencies and travel bureaus, Japan most likely will be flooded by Malaysians during the upcoming Olympic Games. But if I can, I would definitely wish for free-wifi for all travellers in Japan!!


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