Singapore tourists love Christmases, and Europe offer them

Singapore Travel Trends from Travel Revolution 2015

Travel Revolution 2015 was a travel fair held in Singapore from 24-26 July at an up-market expo, Marina Bay Sands Participants include 56 travel agencies, and travel enthusiasts will see big Singapore players such as Chan Brothers Travel and CTC Travel. National Tourism Organisations like Japan, Korea and Thailand, also made their appearance to show support for the event, providing detailed information about tourism destinations in their respective countries.

The previous Travel Revolution Fair, which was held earlier this year in April, has attracted more than 70,000 visitors. July’s event was able to attract over 80,000 visitors. This is an optimistic number, as travel agencies are not only just competing against each other. Technologically savvy Singaporeans are able to compare prices with online alternatives, which means the travel agencies are faced with extra competition from digital counterparts.

Among the many offers and options making visitors spoiled for choice, we introduce you a few items that were popular with Singaporeans in this fair.

Authentic Taiwan Farmstay

Flying Cows Farm is one of Taiwan's farmstay experiences
Flying Cow Ranch in Taiwan (© Michael Wu)

Farmstays are not new attraction attractions in the travel industry. Indeed, as Japan and Bangkok have their own versions for such experiences, Taiwan has also followed up with their own farmstay options. These options range from hands on activities (such as rice planting or cow milking) to simple enjoyment (watch sheep herding or cycling through sceneries). Just like their counterparts from other countries, these rural experiences cannot be found in Singapore, thus offering a unique escape from the urban life of Singapore.

Winter Wonderland Japan

Lake Shikaribetsu
Lake Shirakibetsu (© David McKelvey)

Winter locations have always been popular with Singaporeans for year-end travels, mainly because of season’s attraction to a country that experiences an all-year-round summer. While South Korea remains popular due to a Korea culture boom in Singapore, the strength of the Singapore Dollar against the Japanese Yen makes Japan the top value-for-money choice for winter travel this year, with many looking towards Hokkaido and Tohoku region for their winter fix.

The European Grandeur

Christmas Market in Germany

The next popular option is the European countries, as the recovering Euro is still relatively weak against the Singapore Dollar. Destinations including France, Germany, and Switzerland are always among the top ten choices for travel for Singaporeans, as they offer a different atmosphere with a different culture and architecture from Singapore’s. Shopping is also a key factor why Singaporeans choose Europe, as many luxury brands consumed by Singaporeans can be found in Europe for a better price.

In Conclusion
Singaporeans love to travel to seek an experience that is not available in Singapore. This trait can also be seen in the food and beverage culture of Singapore – the love for novelty. Travel-related services should do well to offer unique cultures and activities as an important attraction. We shall be looking forward to future developments in the travel industry for new experiences to enrich our love for travel.

Roger Ong
AsiaClick Globe Editor


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