Maynilad's water works in Philippines

Philippines’ Top Three Most Searched in August 2015

Hi, I’m Minot from the Philippines, and I’m here to give you the top three most searched topics in the Philippines for August 2015.


Yaya Dub Rising from her Dubsmash fame, Yaya Dub is the newest celebrity craze in the country. She’s the queen of Dubsmash, as her fans would address her. Her Dubsmash videos would get thousands of views due to her funny and convincing faces, and that’s what got her famous. She recently joined a variety show, where her role is a housemaid. Hence, the screen name “Yaya Dub”, “Yaya” meaning housemaid and “Dud” which is short for Dubsmash.

Maynilad's water works in Philippines

The Metro Manila Water Company had a rotating service interruption within the area recently. These water interruptions would go on for as long as 41 hours, affecting an estimated three million residents. This is due to the need to realign a seven-foot-diameter pipeline that lies in the path of the flood interceptor drainage line in the city. Although the whole process eventually took several days, they took a break from the water works during the weekend to allow residents to stock up on their water for the next few days of interruption.


Mariel Rodriguez Mariel is a local actress, whose husband Robin Padilla, was supposed to star in a horror film with Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa. However, 10 days before the start of their filming, Robin backed out of the film because he said that he had to take care of Mariel as she as she was in a delicate pregnancy. Few days after Robin backed out, Mariel suffered a miscarriage. This was the second miscarriage she had this year, and this time, she was bearing triplets.

Philippines Correspondent


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