Road Cycling: a Passionate Ritual in Jakarta

Indonesia may not be one of the big names that appear in any global cycling news or articles, but we have a large number of cyclists enthusiasts here. Inspired by the Strava video “Ride with Us”, we believe that Indonesia has a passion for cycling which is almost ritualistic, same as US and Europe, is almost ritualistic. We want to share this passion of road cycling, and how we have fun in tropical weather, all while having a great culinary adventure with the road bike!

As with any tropical country, the weather is HOT! That is why cycling usually starts at 5 AM or 6 AM in the early morning, when the weather is warm and good to begin with. The routes are varied and tremendous, starting from empty urban roads with bridges and lots of culinary stalls, with destinations ending in tropical forests, hills, or mountains in the south. Sometimes we go to the west suburbs for a good looping session in Alam Sutera. Some cyclists go from Jakarta to Bandung for 170 km, or even to central Java, Yogyakarta which covers more than 400 km, Of course, all these routes pass through many mind-blowing scenery.


By cycling from Jakarta to other cities, you will be able to discover a variety of Indonesian heritage, tradition, music, foods, people, and even positive cheerings from children. Imagine a blend of sweet bonding in your cycling team, with the experience of traditional culture that you might not find in any cities outside the region.

There are a large number of cycling clubs in Indonesia: Green Leaf from Bikeone, Puri Cycling Club, Milagro, Tarkam, KFC Cycling team, KGB, and many more. These cycling clubs consist of of both local cyclists, and even people from other countries as well (including Japanese, Europeans and Americans).

Leaf from Bikeone, Puri Cycling Club, Milagro, Tarkam, KFC Cycling team, KGB, and many more. These cycling clubs consist of of both local cyclists, and even people from other countries as well (including Japanese, Europeans and Americans).

We would love to invite everyone to join us in Indonesia’s passion, and we also hope to spread the love of road cycling within the locals.


Indonesia Correspondent
Jakarta, Indonesia

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