Japanese Cuisine Trending in Jakarta

The bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Japan grows stronger day by day (of course, Japan maintains her strong relationships with other South East Asian countries too)/ This relationship shows in most of the business sectors, in industrial and consumer products, and most interestingly in the trends in Indonesia.

We can see several Japanese-based shopping malls and department stores housing the Japanese trends in fashion, items, groceries, and restaurants. Restaurant establishments especially are seeing a growth in numbers and a widening spread in their locations in Jakarta. Take a walk with your family around the malls here in Jakarta, and you will see a couple new Japanese restaurants or “Opening Soon” signage for them.

Some of these restaurants are famous Japanese chain restaurant brand and some of them are locally opened by Indonesians, with the chefs being Indonesians specialising in Japanese cuisine.

One example in the Grand Indonesia mall, there is a newly opened restaurant called Coco Ichibanya Curry House, a famous Japanese curry restaurant chain all over the world. The serving may not look too fancy, however the curry taste is authentic and superb. We tried the egg curry and level-three spiciness chicken curry. The dishes are great and makes us smile with each spoon. The owners really maintained the quality, and the mission to make customers smile with every dish.

Indonesia's Coco Inchibanya makes us smile

Another interesting place is Tokyo Belly, but we had to leave it for another time next week as we were already full. Tokyo Belly looked very artistic with their interior design, which was very eye-catching even from a distance.


This is the very representation of the penetration of Japanese cuisine in Indonesia, and reflects how Indonesians love Japanese them, which also includes sushi, ramen, gyudon, curry, and even the Japanese pasta from Popolamama.

Indonesia Correspondent
Jakarta, Indonesia

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