Hey Startups, Indonesia Wants You

We have explored why Indonesia offers huge opportunities of success for businesses in a previous article, where there are more investors than companies looking for investment. We shall explore more on this topic, why startups should consider coming to Indonesia.

Indonesia is hungry for innovations in technology. Indonesians are very open to try new apps, online platforms, or anything that makes their lives easier. One example is Go-jek, a new successful startup in Indonesia. They came up with a out-of-the-box solution to a traffic jam issue in Jakarta that has been causing difficulties for commuting citizens. Using mopeds, they have created an online taxi app to move through the jams, saving time and increasing business productivity. The result: overgrowth in just 3 years. And just so you know, the founders are young people.

We want to encourage the young people who have brilliant ideas to come to Indonesia and contribute to the people by creating tech startups and become profitable entities.

For those who are worried about knowing the right network, having the right knowledge, or familiarity with the environment, no worries! There are are tons of events for you to meet Indonesians and learn how to do things the right way here in Indonesia. One example is the Asean-Japan Youth Forum, South East Asia Rising Expo 2015. Such events are useful for networking and getting insights about South East Asian countries.


Beyond just knowledge and networking, you get support too, so you do not have to worry about operational or 3rd party support troubles. Indonesia utilises tons of useful tools that originate from US, Europe, or even Japan itself to help startups operate smoothly. These tools range from sales tools and operational project management, to financial and human resource.

Some examples of the startups in Indonesia

Do give Indonesia a serious thought when you are planning for a startup. We will be waiting for you!

Indonesia Correspondent
Jakarta, Indonesia

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