Cycling is an Investment for Business in Indonesia

Indonesia has its own share of unique interests and hobbies, and they can be categorised into hundreds of categories. And people who are really passionate with these hobbies, they want to know where they can participate in them. If you’re a cyclist, you should choose Indonesia as one of your destinations.

Cycling is one of the most popular hobbies in Indonesia, and many Indonesians cycle daily or during the weekends. There are different categories include road bike, mountain bike, fixie bike, BMX extreme bike, classic bike etc. Today’s article will focus on the road bike.

Road Bike Cyclists in Indonesia

Road bike cycling is getting popular among the high-end of the middle, and high economic class, as the bike, apparel and accessories require high expenses. This is not to say there aren’t any from the other parts of the economic classes. SImilar to golf, many of the hobbyosts are business owners and high-level corporate employees. In fact, many of them switched from golf to cycling because of its popularity, while offering networking purposes and business opportunities with other hobbyists.

In average, most road bike enthusiasts could spend anywhere from 20 million Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to 200 million IDR (about USD 1,400 to USD 14,000) depending on their spending power. This is why cycling is considered an expensive hobby in Indonesia.

Drawing a comparison from the Japanese, it is good to invest in building relationships toward friendship, interest and even in business. It is proven that some people who invested a lot of money in cycling hobby found the networks to give them a return in their investment.

Friends Among Cyclists

Indonesia Correspondent
Jakarta, Indonesia

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