Destination Indonesia: Cycling

In the other articles, we explored the trend of the cycling hobby in indonesia. Now, let’s explore where to find the right spot and community for interested cyclists coming to Indonesia.

There are big communities around Jakarta that you can join that ride routinely in the weekdays and weekends. Weekday rides usually involve a loop around a housing complex, while weekend rides involve longer rides along both urban and country roads.

The best knowledge center for cycling is founded in the community forum in Indonesia. They are open to people joining them in their cycling interest group. You just need to approach and ask to join. You can also install the Strava mobile app, a US-made app to record cycling and running activities, and look for active communities there.

Living in the western part of Jakarta, I am familiar with the famous communities within the area. They include PCC (Puri Cycling Club) which is the biggest in West Jakarta, Green leaf cycling team. Other communities in Jakarta include KGB (Kelapa Gading Cycling Club) from the east, TARKAM team from Tangerang, and the KFC team from the south.

The most popular routes for a cycling loop is Alam Sutera loop in Tangerang, the SCBD loop in Jakarta near Pacific Place when its Car-Free Day timings in the weekend, and the Perbun Loop in the western area.

Another day out with a cycling team in Jakarta

Big clubs usually ride with an average speed of 33 km/h to 35 km/h, while the other clubs could ride with an average speed of 25 km/h to 30 km/h.

Posing Proud for a Photo

Indonesia Correspondent
Jakarta, Indonesia

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