Philiippine’s Meryenda is the Fourth Meal of the Day

Meryenda, and the light meals

Hello! This time I will talk about the Filipino popular tradition: Meryenda.

Meryenda, or “snacks” in English, is a light meal eaten after lunch and befire dinner, usually around 4pm. It is customary for us not only to satisfy our hungry bellies, but also cultivate this long-standing tradition that our ancestors have started decades ago. Since it is a very quick and light meal, it usually only takes 15-20 minutes for it. Filipinos, from every Philippine island and from all levels in the society, practice having meryenda in the afternoon, every single day.

This tradition was inherited from the Spanish colonization, including the type of food. The most common examples of this would be the local rice cakes, instant noodles and sandwiches. These food can be found almost anywhere, and you can eat them quickly. This is where Filipinos get their energy boost, especially when they still have a long day ahead of them. Otherwise, they would be even more tired, as hunger burdens their normal work.

However, not only working people practise this. It is observed by all Filipinos, whether if they are at home or outside. Even when they are relaxing, they still see to it that they take their meryenda. Also, this is practised outside the Philippines. Surely there are other countries who have meryenda too, even if they do not have a particular term for it. The term meryenda is uniquely Filippino, and that’s what makes it interesting than just normal snacks.

Philippine Correspondent

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