Indonesia and Japan now in Defense Agreement

Japan and Indonesia will celebrate as they have the 42nd anniversary of the ASEAN-Japan relationship, and the 57th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations. To have the two countries be closer, Indonesian Defense Ministry announced that it would soon sign a defense cooperation treaty with Japan.

A handshake of stronger friendship

According to Jakarta Post, the Defense Ministry spokesman said that the two countries had agreed to work together in several fields including humantarian assistance, disaster prevention and mitigation, and cyber defense.

The signing of cooperation between Japan and Indonesia

In disaster prevention and mitigation, under the planned agreement, Japan is expected to offer Indonesia amphibious aircraft and early warning system technologies.

Unconfirmed reports said that the draft of the MoU between Indonesia and Japan had yet to be signed because of a Cabinet reshuffle in Japan and a stormy political weather in Indonesia (even though the draft itself has been ready since last year).

Japan introduced a new law that would allow for a transfer of technology from the Japanese strategic industry to Indonesia under an umbrella cooperation agreement. Also, the defense partnership would improve Indonesia’s diplomatic standing, both in the region and at an international level.

Under the defense cooperation agreement, Indonesia could also import armaments and defense instruments from Japan. The Japanese government eased its stance on defense equipment transfer principles in April last year, allowing arms exports under certain circumstances.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whom many consider a defense hawk, Japan has embarked on an overhaul of its national security strategy.

In an historic step, his Cabinet last year approved the export of military equipment and conducted a legal review that concluded Japan had the right to deploy its military power abroad to protect its citizens and defend allies under attack.


Indonesia Correspondent
Jakarta, Indonesia

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