How Filipinos Decide On A Trip To Japan


Ever since the Japanese Embassy announced that the visa approval for Filipinos who would like to travel to Japan will be relaxed, a lot of Filipinos have been flocking to Japan. The popular travel season for Filipinos because this is the time when the children are taking a holiday break from school. It is also a good time to visit Japan because of the cherry blossom season. Filipinos will buy their tickets way before they travel, probably around 6-10 months before so they can get a good deal for their tickets.

Next, they would look for places to stay. Since Japan is generally expensive, they would look for cheap accommodation. This is made possible by Airbnb, a service which users can use to look for accommodation rented out by the locals of their destinations.

After booking a place to stay in, Filipinos would research on where to go, what weather to expect, what clothes to bring and how much money to bring. Since the weather in Manila is very different from the weather in Japan, most Filipinos don’t have sweaters to keep them warm from the cold weather in Japan. They would then go shopping for their basic necessities like coat, gloves, boots and thermal wear. They would also exchange their Pesos to US Dollars or Japanese Yen before flying to Japan. All doing all these, they are most likely ready for their trip to the Land of tthe Rising Sun.


Philippines Correspondent

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