The Top 3 most popular free applications from Philippine


The top 3 popular free applications in the Philippines are . A look at the demographics of this country will not surprise us why these are the top 3 popular free mobile apps in the Philippines:

Sing! Karaoke by SmuleYouTube and  Facebook

Filipinos tend to use their smartphones mainly for fun and connectedness. The third most popular app, Sing! Karaoke by Smule, is probably the only app that is popular only within the Philippines. Filipinos are known to be singers. The likes of Charice, Lea Salonga and Apl de Ap are just a few of the notable Filipinos who made it international fame. Singing in karaokes is a unique characteristic that defines Filipinos. Now that there’s an app for it, Filipinos are of course going to go crazy for it.


The second most popular app is  YouTube, which not just offers entertainment, but also offers viewers current news in video form. Filipinos would open the YouTube app for their daily dose of entertainment and current events. And lastly for the most popular application: Facebook. For this app, I think it’s a given for every country (except China) that it is one of their most popular apps. Since its introduction, it has been highly popular. It gives us a sense of connectedness to our peers from different parts of the country and of the world. Just like everyone else, we feel the need to stay connected with others. Facebook has created a platform precisely for that.


Philippines Correspondent

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